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Warmblood Sporthorse Breeding

beautiful warmblood filly who has won awards for conformation

Up and Coming Prospects

Last Laugh Farm has a limited selection of young horses available for sale.
If you are in search of your future equine partner, from weanlings to three-year-olds prepared for training, we are always interested in placing them in established show programs.

oldenburg jumping prospect for sale
large chestnut mare for sale


2020 Oldenburg, na

Billy Echo LLF x Bellissima RSF

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award-winning warmbloods for sale
beautiful chestnut filly for sale
premiere jumper mare with huge bascule for sale

Monte Casino

2021 Oldenburg, na

Messenger VF x Catalaya

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mother and foal with blazes and stocking feet
chestnut with blaze and four stockings for sale

Pictures Coming Soon

Meelin Hill

2021 Irish Draught Sporthorse

Gemstone Clover x Can’t Get a Date

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beautiful jumper prospect for sale


2022 Oldenburg, na

Billy Echo LLF x Bellissima RSF

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warmblood filly for sale
mare and newborn filly

For Grace

2023 Oldenburg, na

For Laubry x Catalaya

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mare and filly
beautiful chestnut filly horse just born
Billy Echo Warmblood stallion as colt
grey mare with bay foal in pasture
day old black foal running
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David & Ellen Brown
Last Laugh Farm

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