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David and Ellen Brown began breeding sporthorse prospects nearly 20 years ago when their children competed in Children's/Adult jumper classes at local and regional horse shows. As they discovered how expensive it is to purchase talented horses for the upper levels, they ventured into breeding the horses that possessed the talent they could not have afforded otherwise.

Because Last Laugh Farm is located near Penn Nation Race Track in Grantville, PA, David and Ellen began their program by acquiring attractive Thoroughbred mares with good pedigrees and giving them a new lease on life as broodmares. Then, using all the available informational resources, they chose European Warmblood stallions whose bloodlines complemented the new mares. What started as an experiment quickly turned into a hobby and then into a passion.

Since those early days, Last Laugh Farm has produced more than 50 young prospects whose lives run the gamut from cherished backyard family horses to serious competitors in all hunt seat disciplines. Our youngsters are often successful but always affordable alternatives to high-priced "made" competitors.

David and Ellen brown, Last Laugh Farm

David & Ellen Brown
Last Laugh Farm

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